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Luxury meets Innovation

Our passion lies in innovating products that blend uniqueness, excellence, craftsmanship, and

advanced technologies to magnify experience and optimize efficiency.

Quest for Excellence

Our vision is to craft a creative path towards a connected ecosystem that ultimately delivers excellence in the realm of luxury hospitality.   

Our mission is to empower luxury restaurants with IoT solutions that deliver impeccable dining experiences.

The WooblyGENIE
A smart IoT Digipod

The "WooblyGENIE" is an advance and sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) solution design to improve the workflows for the servers to streamline operations and elevate guest experience.   


Easier & Faster Experience


Increased Service Efficiency


Increase in Sales

Superlative Performance

The Real-time Data Dashboard


The real-time data dashboard with AI technology quantifies the quality of service and operations and suggests actionable data to enhance the overall guest dining experience.

Monitor Real-time Guest Experience

Monitor Real-time

Guest Experience

Track Service Quality & Server Performance

Track Service Quality &

Server Performance

Unlock power of 30x data

Unlock the Power
of 30x Data

Perfection at Every Level


Coming Soon to Dubai

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